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Mark A. Wolgin, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Specialist (Fellowship Trained) in Spinal and Foot/Ankle Surgery, Albany, GA, Office Phone 229-883-4707

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About MeAdvantages of Min Invasive Surgery
Anatomy: Foot/AnkleAnkle
Ankle Foot OrthosisAnterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion
arthroscopyBack Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrcasts and splints
Cerv Spondylotic MyelopathyCervical
Cervical AnatomyCervical Disc Replacement
Chiropractic CareCodes
Contact UsCubital Tunnel Syndr
Direct Lateral FusionDisc Herniations
Effects of SmokingEpidural Injections
Facet ArthrosisFacet Injections
femur and kneefoot and toes
Foot/AnkleForaminal Stenosis
Foraminotomyforearm and wrist
Frequently Asked QuestionsGeneral Orthopaedics
genwoundexploreFBHallux Rigidus
Hammertoehand and fingers
hardwareHelp Wanted
Homehumerus and elbow
InterSpinous Proc DeviceKnee
leg and ankleLumbar
Lumbar AnatomyLumbar Case Example
Lumbar Fusion Min Invasive Page 1Lumbar Fusion, Page 2
Lumbar Fusion, Page 3LumboSacral Fus: AxiaLIF
Medical EconomicsMicrodecompression
MicrodiscectomyMisc codes
Modalities: Physical Therapymodifiers
Morton's Neuromanails
Neck Painneuromonitor and fluoro
neurospine and sp injxnsNon Surgical Treatments
Obesityorthospine and grafts
OsteoarthritisOsteochondritis Dissecans
OsteoporosisPatient Forms
pelvis and hipperipheral nerve
Plantar FasciitisPlasma Disc Decomp
Risks of SurgeryShoulder
shoulder codesSI Joint Arthritis
Spinal StenosisSpinal Stimulator
Spine AnatomySpine Disorders
Spinous Process ClampSpondylolisthesis
Stress FractureSurgical Treatments
Trigger FingerTriple Arthrodesis
Vertebral Compress FxV-Y Lengthening