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Mark A. Wolgin, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Specialist (Fellowship Trained) in Spinal and Foot/Ankle Surgery, Albany, GA, Office Phone 229-883-4707

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Inter-Spinous Process Device (X-Stop)
A relatively new technology is available, commonly known as the X-Stop, from a company called Kyphon, involved putting a spacer between the spinous processes to create more room for the nerve roots.
Disc collapse can lead to narrowing (stenosis) of the hole through which the nerve root exits (the foramen).  Another result is that the spinous processes, the bumps you feel along the back of your spine, can be close together as a result of this disc narrowing process.
The soft tissue in between (referred to a ligament tissue) can bulge in to cause additional pressure on the nerve roots.
With the X-stop spreader, the space between the spinous processes can be increased, making more room for the nerves.
This procedure can often be done through a small incision.
To view the patient guide from Kyphon, click here.