Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

The cubital tunnel refers to the area behind the inner aspect of the elbow through which the ulnar nerve travels. Most people know this area as their “funny bone” as when they inadvertently strike this area, like on a desk corner, there will be pain and tingling that goes down the arm to the little finger.

Cubital tunnel syndrome is a condition where the nerve, as it travels through this tunnel, gets compressed. The resulting symptoms usually include numbness and discomfort in the region where the ulnar nerve innervates the forearm.

The condition is usually diagnosed by clinical tests (tapping over the nerve reproducing symptoms) and electrodiagnostic nerve studies.

Non -surgical treatment options include:
–antiinflammatory medicines

Surgical treatment options can include:
–decompressing the nerve
–moving the nerve to a different location
–removing some of the medial epicondyle bone.