Morton’s Neuroma

The symptoms usually include:

Pain in the forefoot, usually between 3rd and 4th toes
Feeling like walking on a stone under ball of foot
Occasional numbness involving 3rd and 4th toes
Relief noted by removing shoe and rubbing forefoot


This condition is one where a sensory nerve in the foot, one that eventually branches and goes to the sides of individual toes, gets squeezed between the metatarsal heads. As a result of this squeezing, which is a form of trauma, the nerve becomes bigger due to the swelling from the trauma of being squeezed or compressed. This nerve, which is now too big for the space it is supposed to occupy, now gets compressed even more as a result. The cycle continues especially with shoewear, as the shoes usually squeeze the metatarsal heads together.

The treatment options include:

Changing shoes to wider toe box (forefoot portion of shoe)
Metatarsal pads (Click here for link)
Cortisone injection